Our Healing system

Naturopathy & Therapeutic yoga

Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy Living. It strongly believes that body has its own capacity to prevent from diseases and regain its health if unhealthy. Nature cure treats body as a whole than specific condition.

Principles of Naturopathy

The principle of Naturopathy works on the Panchabhautic Theory (Air, water, Fire, Earth, Ether). It Emphasizes on prevention and self Healing process through Nature cure Treatments.

  • First do no harm
  • The healing power of nature.
  • Discover and treat the cause of the disease and not just the effect.
  • Treat the whole person.
  • The physician is a teacher.
  • Prevention is the best cure.

Our concern

Sai Seva Yoga Nature cure Hospital & Research Centre has been constructed in the year 2006 and it started serving Humanity since 2006, in the heart of the temple town – Thiruvanamalai; both as preventive & curative.

Naturopathy being a drugless system of medicine became our powerful weapon to achieves our goal, mission and values.


  • Provision of medical Health care with Naturopathy & Yoga along with the other traditional system of medicine.
  • Providing free treatment for the patients who are really in need of medical care.
  • To reach every nook & corner of the society with this drugless system of medicine.
  • Conducting free camps to bring awareness about the system.
  • To construct a 100 bedded Naturopathy hospital   along with a medical college.
  • To  start a Foundation for Medical Research
  • Creating a herbal garden for the preparation of herbal medicine.


  • Quality Excellence
  • Uphold Innovation
  • Compassionate Care
  • Honest & Trustworthy service
  • Sharing vision & Success


To establish a Health Promoting  & Disease Preventing Nat-Care system, that reflects the Laws of Nature;  to Empower  People  with a healthy way of life style in the grounds of cultural, social & Economical Interest, to render  free service to the needy  and to be an outstanding institution in the field of Research.

Mile Stones

In short, we had set up a unique institution for the “Health Lovers” to enjoy all the scientific system of Traditional Medicine –Nature cure, Yoga, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy under one roof “SYNCH”. We use all the modern diagnostic method for reference.

Saiseva Yoga Nature Cure


March 1



Cardiac Rehabilitation

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Post Physiotherapy

March 1


Research Department

Project Cell

Specialized Neuro Rehabilitation Unit

February 19


Upgraded from 20 bedded to 30 bedded IPD

Specialized department of physiotherapy

Specialized department of Ayurveda

February 19


Spine Joint care unit

Free care for needy

Fertility center

February 19


Rehabilitation center

Admin and accounting dept

February 19


Diet Consulting

Peripheral center

Free screening camps

February 19


NYRD - Naturopathy, Yoga, Research, Development Trust



Free Indoor Camps

February 19




Free outdoor camps