Physiotherapy is an intervention encompassing a broad range of activities designed to restores and  improve Musculoskeletal, Cardio pulmonary and neurological function.It’s a remediation of impairments & disabilities and promotion of mobility, functional ability and Quality of life.

  • Maximize physical abilities
  • Optimise Muscular functioning
  • Improve physical  fitness
  • Improve general health & Well being

Exercise Etherapy

Arm Srenthening Exercises
Co ordination Exercises
Co-ordination Exercises
Foot Exerciser
Hip Stability
Neuro Developmental Therapy
Parallel Bar Training
Quadriceps Strengthening Exercises
Shoulder Wheel Exercises
Thera Band Exercises
Peg Board Exercises
Dumbell Exercises
Wand Exerciser
Wheel Chair Shifting


Face Muscle
Facial Muscle Stimulation
Interferential Therapy
Leg Traction
Lumbar Traction
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Ultra Sound Therapy