In the science of Ayurveda, body is made up of the dynamic force namely vata, pitta & kapha known as 3 doshas. If these tridoshas remain in equilibrium the body functions normal but if it gets dearranged then it leads to diseases. To maintain the state of equilibrium, Ayurveda emphasizes on Panchakarma which is a therapeutic way of eliminating the toxins from the body

Poorva Karma


It is a oleation /massage therapy done with Medicated oil. It may be internal or external. It loosens the body toxins.


Swedhana or sudation therapy is given with vapors of medicated oils inducing sweating in the body. It liquefies the toxins and moves those products to the gastro intestinal tract for elimination.

Pradhana Karma

  • Vamana:  Vamana or therapeutic emesis is given to the patients suffering from Kapha disorders.
  • Virechana: Virechana or purgation is given to the patients suffering from  pitta disorders.
  • Basti: Basti or enema is given to the patients suffering from vatha disorders.
  • Nasyam: Administation of herbal medicine through  the nasal route for healing.
  • Raktha Mokshana: Raktha Mokshana is letting of blood for purification.


Is also known as Marma head massage in which herbal oil, Medicated Milk or buttermilk, herbal decotion are allowed to flow gently and steadily in a particular rhythmic swinging movement & in a continuous stream. The patient is made to lay down on a specalised medicated wood plank.


Is also known as sarvangadhara. The treatment is given with a pure white pieces of linen cloth. The cloth is dipped in warm Medicated oil (the patient can tolerate) and squeezed on the body or area of the person to be treated.


A well is formed by fastening a belt around the head covering the portion of forehead. In this well, medicated oil is poured for the purpose of treatment.


A potli is made out of heated herbs/grains/ medicinal oils by tying it in a clean cloth bags & massaged over the patient with fingers, heels of hand or palms.

Nadi Swedhana

The patient is given cure with the fomentation made out of vapours using medicinal herbs\plants\oils.

Hridya Basti

Is also known as urovasti. Herb medicinal oil is heated to a desirable warmth & poured in the chest & kept for 45 minutes.

Greeva Vasti
Kati Vasti
Life Veda
Netra Tarpanam
Thakra Dhara